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Inkululo African Solutions is youth owned company whose focus is on empowering and serving people, we believe that people are the core business resource.

Investments of time, energy and money can give people encouragement, confidence, and vision as well as skills and knowledge. All are needed for us to reach our full potential.

Nkululo D. Lawu


I am speaker-a teacher- a preacher in no particular order, I believe in the art of personal effectiveness

Founder and director of Inkululo African solutions, founder and executive director of Zikaphalo Consulting Company, founder and chairperson of Inkululo Leadership Academy a non-profit organization focusing on grooming and training young people on basic leadership traits to be employable and be wealth creators and founder and chairperson of Man of Standard a non-profit organization whose focus is to advocate for gender equality and empowerment of women and children encouraging all males to uphold the rights of women.


Believing in the possibility


“We imagine that it’s possible, we speak possibility, we hear the sounds of possibility, and we see the rays of possibility until we attain the impossible.

Core Values:

PPERSIST for in the end its there

OOVERCOME any obstacle that comes your way

SSACRIFICE for the dream you want to achieve

SSERVICE always serve to touch and change a life

IINTEGRITY strive for a good conduct

B-BELIEVE in yourself and others

L-LEARN never lose appetite for new information

EEMPOWER you rise as you lift others


Our Motto:

“We will either find a way or create one”


There is danger whether you decide to take a risk or not, you might as well do….